How and why we can create amazing for only £15,000!

Tons of clients came to us saying, “We love what you’ve done for Pizza Hut Restaurants, wagamama, McCain, Starbucks and Beaverbrooks. We want you to do the same for us, but we just don’t have the money!”

That’s why we developed Brand in a Box. It’s an off-the-shelf employer branding product that allows you to achieve a unique identity as a workplace but for a mere £15,000.

Yes, it’s a lot cheaper than your usual employer branding project. But it delivers results that are every bit as impressive as its more expensive counterparts.

Most agencies will charge £15,000 for a piece of research alone, though! So how do we do it?

There’s no great secret to the way we’re doing it. We’re basically automating some of our processes – like the research stage – so that it takes less time and fewer resources. We’re limiting the amount of deliverables to a few essential options (with bolt-ons) to encourage quicker stakeholder decisions. And we’re speeding up the whole process to 4 weeks maximum, allowing us to streamline our workload.

That’s it!



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Brand in a Box team develops Employer Brand for Sainsbury’s

Resourcing 45,000 staff p.a. means huge employer branding challenges. Here’s how we got it right for Sainsbury’s.

We talked to people across their entire business and learned that there was so much more to Sainsbury’s than just retailing. More than anything, you might say that Sainsbury’s is a technology company. Either way, the variety on offer within the business was enough to blow expectations out of the water.

That’s why we developed the ‘Discover Sainsbury’s’ brand. To tell all those would-be candidates who thought they knew Sainsbury’s that, actually, they needed to think again.

Huge, complex business. Huge, complex challenges. One, simple answer.


Why an Employer Brand is great for business

Hey, every savvy HR Director and Recruiter knows just how essential it is to have a properly managed Employer Brand.

But, if you’re looking to sell it in to the Board, here’s what you need to tell them:

  • Without an Employer Brand, your reputation as a place to work is at the hands of the general public, the media and the vocally dissatisfied members of your team
  • With an Employer Brand, you are in control of your personality as an employer and how people perceive it – meaning your reputation improves
  • Your existing people will love giving feedback and knowing they’re having an impact on your people strategy – it will build loyalty!
  • When you have a better reputation, you attract more of the right people – and ones who want to stay with you and develop!
  • For a mere £15k, you can develop a talent pipeline that reduces your reliance on advertising and recruitment consultancies and maybe even wins you some awards!

Additional benefits

  • Reduced cost per hire
  • Reduced time to hire
  • Accelerated onboarding
  • Increased engagement
  • Improved productivity
  • Increased referrals
  • Talent pipelining
  • Consistent candidate experience
  • Enhanced diversity
  • Reduced requirement to ‘sell’ by Resourcing
  • Filtering on culture fit

So what’s stopping you? Well, sure, you’ve never been able to get budget sign-off. So we’ve just removed that obstacle for you. Now, let’s ask that question again. What’s stopping you?


Key pointers as to whether or not your Employer Brand is working

Want to know whether you’re in need of a Brand in a Box makeover? Here are a few key questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you have a talent pipeline into which you can dip whenever a new vacancy comes up?
  • When you advertise a post, are you confident you’ll turn up the perfect CV?
  • Is your Glassdoor page looking healthy?
  • Does the media sing your praises as an employer?
  • Do people tend to stay with you and develop?
  • And, of those that don’t, do they always come back once they’ve been elsewhere?
  • Do you wonder what other recruiters mean when they say ‘hard-to-fill role?’
  • Does the idea of spending £15k on recruiting to a single role utterly horrify you?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of the above, let us tell you – it’s time you got yourself a Brand in a Box. For a mere £15,000, you’ll get an entire Employer Brand that will deliver you the perfect candidates who’ll love working for you. Meaning your reputation as an employer will skyrocket!

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Brand in a Box team wins Employer Brand of the year at the RAD Awards

wagamama has always been such a cool brand. We were tasked with making sure their Employer Brand reflected that!

We researched existing employees. Found out who they were and what made them tick. Turned out there was no such thing as a typical wagamama employee. So we celebrated that in the new Employer Brand!

Their head of resourcing had asked us to, ‘win Employer Brand of the year at the RADs within the first year of the relationship.’ And, with ‘be you. be wagamama’, that’s exactly what we went and did.