How and why we can create amazing for only £15,000!

Tons of clients came to us saying, “We love what you’ve done for Pizza Hut Restaurants, wagamama, McCain, Starbucks and Beaverbrooks. We want you to do the same for us, but we just don’t have the money!”

That’s why we developed Brand in a Box. It’s an off-the-shelf employer branding product that allows you to achieve a unique identity as a workplace but for a mere £15,000.

Yes, it’s a lot cheaper than your usual employer branding project. But it delivers results that are every bit as impressive as its more expensive counterparts.

Most agencies will charge £15,000 for a piece of research alone, though! So how do we do it?

There’s no great secret to the way we’re doing it. We’re basically automating some of our processes – like the research stage – so that it takes less time and fewer resources. We’re limiting the amount of deliverables to a few essential options (with bolt-ons) to encourage quicker stakeholder decisions. And we’re speeding up the whole process to 4 weeks maximum, allowing us to streamline our workload.

That’s it!